"Local tender-hearted sweat-stained thrillers Night Boss break out their dad bod charm with a live, all-ages, and free set on the patio of Rancho Bravo, with support by whip-smart no wave thrashers Nail Polish, and Casual Hex."

8/10/16 - Way & Co. Presents Night Boss, Nail Polish, Casual Hex - The Stranger


"Those guys? I remember when they were playing on the patios of taco restaurants! -You, in 10 Years"

7/15/16 - Sloucher's Certainty EP Is a NW Indie Pop Classic. Free All-Ages Release Show Tonight at Rancho BravoThe Stranger


"[Everett Music Initiative] partnered with Way & Co. for the outdoor Salmon Town Stage at Fisherman's Village Music Festival on Saturday May 21st, 2016, which will feature an insane lineup of DIY, psych and rock bands. I wanted to partner with Way & Co. because they’re creating alternative ways to experience music for all ages."

5/18/16 - Ryan Crowther of Everett Music Initiative about the 2016 Fisherman's Village Music Festival in City Arts Magazine


"Here’s the situation: Redwood’s closing. We’re all sure it’ll become a mixed-use condo with a doggy daycare and pilates studio on the first floor. Capitol Hill’s changing…. Yawn. Celebrate what we have, don’t grieve for what we don’t, at least tonight."

11/25/15 - Noteworthy Show of The Week -The Stranger
11/22/15 - Photos from Night #1 -Arel Watson & Michael Gelon

"Organized by curating and promotion company Way & Co., each night will feature performances by four local bands. Adam Way, Way & Co. director and production manager, approached Brooke with the suggestion of commemorating the bar in style... He hand-picked all the bands, and it looks to be a pretty exciting lineup... Showcasing a Seattle-centric bill is only fitting for the business."

11/18/15 - "Redwood Owners Celebrate 10 Years In Business with Anniversary Bash" -Capitol Hill Times
11/18/15 - "Recommended: Redwood's 10th Anniversary Night #1" -The Stranger

"Weave your low-pros through the melange of construction obstacles to celebrate 10 beer and music-fueled years at Redwood Tavern this Saturday for Night Numero Uno. Draemhouse just released a new EP ‘Woundlicker,’ Black Whales are celebrating their 1 year-young birth of their fantastic album ‘Through the Prism, Gently,” Bod will reverb their way into your soul with psychedelic punk shoegaze, and listening to Versing’s Bandcamp track “Haunted Hauses” will get you ready for a gothy guitar opening to the night’s festivities."

11/16/15 - "Nov 16-22: RightTernes Points You to the Best Shows This Week" -Do206

"Beloved Seattle bar, The Redwood, is turning 10 years old this month and to celebrate they'll be cranking out tunes over two weekends (Nov. 21st & 28th) with a cadre of killer local bands... Big thanks to Adam of Way & Co. Presents for helping wrangle these interviews!"

11/10/15 - "10 Years of The Redwood: An Interview with the Bands Celebrating a Decade at Cap Hill's Favorite Dive Bar" -Do206


          09/18/15 - "4th annual Summit Block Party Raises Over $2K for The Vera Project" -Press Release

"Hats off to the organizers — Adam Way, especially — for making [the fourth annual Summit Block Party] the most seamless to date."

08/26/15 - "Be the block party you wish to see in the world" -Capitol Hill Times

"The fourth annual day of music and art matured, reportedly, in 2015 under new leader Adam Way. 'On the whole, there is a (push) for quality,' Way told CHS, with a wink. 'I don’t want people to feel like the free admission wasn’t worth it.'"

08/21/15 - "CHS Pics - Summit Block Party 2015" -Capitol Hill Seattle

"For the past three years, the Summit Block Party has thrived with a Do-It-Yourself vibe. Local, low-key and totally free, the event provides all the fun of other festivals around the city, but without the humongous ticket price... With both attendance and attention on the block party rising, it’s evolved from a Capitol Hill secret into a well-known summertime staple."

08/05/15 - "Making a Summit Block Party" -Capitol Hill Times (Interview)

"For months, [Way & Co.] work with a team of volunteers to ensure every attendant has a blast. You don’t get the feeling that there’s a rich mogul snickering at us somewhere, rubbing their hands together before diving into a mountain range of gold coins. The celebration’s booths, raffle prizes, stages, food, and more are acquired through the gumption and goodwill of a meritorious network of people who love local art."

08/13/14 - "Getting Better All The Time: Summit Block Party Prospers In Its Third Year" -The Drainage


"Organizer Adam Way says the show will be one of the most raucous of the month-long festival... 'It allows people who wouldn’t be heard anywhere to be heard,' Way said. 'If Hollow Earth was a person, they would have a heart of gold.'"

03/19/15 - "Magma Fest Does Cockpit" -Capitol Hill Seattle

"This week on Friday, March 20th [Way & Co. Presents] an exceptionally well curated event at The Cockpit (an unassuming little alleyway in the middle of Capitol Hill), featuring some of Seattle’s most known unknown…"

03/15/15 - "Hot Rocks and Fazed Cookies at Magma Fest 2015" -Deli Magazine

"All this month, Seattle-based Hollow Earth Radio (HER) has been earning support for its unique setup via Magmafest 2015 events. Entirely volunteer-run, HER beautifully describes on its website that its 'focus is on found sound, field recordings, forgotten music, local musicians, bedroom recordings, lo-fi demos, dreams, storytelling, and things that feel real.' This Friday’s [Way & Co. Presents] concert exemplifies that MO and then some. Not only will it take place at the Cockpit — essentially Seattle’s Island of Misfit Toys — but the bill includes an unkempt spectrum of sound."

03/15/15 - "MAGMAFEST 2015: Cockpit Readies for Chaos on March 20th" -The Drainage


"[Way & Co. presents] the third annual BirthDIY-fest at The Vera Project this weekend, which, in addition to a wicked performance by third-eye-opening rockers Wild Orchid Children, also includes a raffle (with prizes from KEXP, Sonic Boom, and Silver Platters) and a DIY marketplace featuring merch and info booths for over 18 local labels, stores, and organizations. For one day, the disparate strands of Seattle's DIY community will converge at a single point in space and time. Cosmic!"

04/13/2011 - "Underage - Music - BirthDIYfest: Wild Orchid Children, the Pharmacy, Kids and Animals, Iji" -The Stranger

"BirthDIYfest is an annual party [thrown by Way & Co.] to celebrate and thank everyone involved in Seattle's DIY community... This year's lineup is killer: BOAT, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Feral Children, and more. And they've also got over a dozen tables where you can get information on local labels, artists, and other all-ages clubs."

03/18/10 - "Underage - Music - Three Great Shows Happening in One Night" -The Stranger